When To Call A Doctor

We encourage you to call our office at 215-334-9900 for an appointment if you are experiencing any of the following or are having any issues with your foot and ankle:

  • If you are Diabetic and have not had your Diabetic foot Evaluation.

  • If you have a non-healing or infected open sore in any location of the foot and ankle .

  • If you are experiencing pain in any location of your foot or ankle.

  • If you have recently experienced trauma of the foot or ankle.

  • If you are unable or should not care for your nails or have hardened and sometimes painful skin on the sole of the foot on the toes.

  • If your Primary Care Doctor advises you.

  • If you are unable to wear certain types of shoes due to pain.

  • If you are experiencing numbness or tingling in your feet.

  • If you believe your foot pain or deformity need surgery.

  • If you have been told that you have poor circulation in your legs.

  • If you have any unexplained lumps, bumps, or growths.

  • If you are interested or need custom orthotics / arch supports.

  • If you want an evaluation and possible treatment alternative for any foot or ankle condition.

  • If you would like a second opinion of a current condition and/or current treatment plan.
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